We are the Doulas

Posted by Mari Leckel

Here we are.

We have a story, but I won’t go back that far. How we all found each other is a song for another day. It began as a rocky road, when the entity we worked for closed its doors with no notice, no warning, no choices.

But when life knocks you on your ass, you have to pick up and keep on going. We cannot force what will not happen. We must accept the things we cannot change, and have the courage to change the things we can.

And so our fearless leader and doula extraordinaire, sang “don’t believe me? Just watch!” and we watched as she picked herself up out of the rubble, and dragged all of us out with her…and made a broken agency whole again. An agency that continues to provide support to families, and continues to give all of us doulas our heart work that we love.

So from the big nothing, we present Boston Birth Associates. Here to serve the growing families of Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Connecticut.

We are the doulas. We are here to support you through your pregnancy and birth. We are here for you as you welcome baby to your home. We give you the gift of sleep and peace of mind. We are your lifeline when you need to phone a friend, the answer to the 2am phone call, the last minute home visit when baby just won’t. stop. crying. And we will ALWAYS offer non-judgemental support and meet you where you are.

As we enter 2018, we do so with our hearts so full of love and warmth that we might just be able to get through this frigid winter unscathed.



Brooke Rogers, Birth and Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, mother of 3, expert laundry procrastinator.

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