Labor Doula
Labor Doula

The voice of your doula whispers a simple reminder...
“Slowly take in a deep calming breath.”

A look in their eye tells you... “You are safe.”

You trust it.
Your shoulders drop.
You are ready to confidently persevere.

The compassionate doulas of Boston Birth Associates intimately know labor and birth. They know the emotionality associated with it, and they have the skills and tools necessary to assist clients in achieving their birth-related goals.


That said, each and every family is beautifully unique. And, each comes with their own set of circumstances. For some, it might be a medical condition or complication, for others it might be a challenging relationship dynamic, for others it might be fear, anxiety or self-doubt. What is perpetually consistent is the open-minded, unbiased support of the labor doulas at Boston Birth Associates. Equipped with executive level communication skills, cultural competency training, and the highest level of training the doula industry offers, we meet people exactly where they are.


It’s that simple. We ask questions. We listen to the answers. And we help families navigate labor and birth on their terms.

We bring a calming presence.
We instill strength.
We reduce fear.
We enable you to stay present in the moment.
We respect your personal space.
And we are trustworthy and accountable.

Our labor doulas work in teams of two, sharing a call schedule that guarantees you a doula that you’ve built a relationship with, who is well rested and prepared to be with you from the moment you need them, until the moment your baby is in your arms and you are ready to bond as a family.


Our labor doula support combines time honored hands-on comfort measures, with current evidence based information.


If you are looking for doulas who will actively listen for a deep understanding of your needs, while providing soothing, comforting relief during labor, look no further! Boston Birth Associates are excited to meet you!