The Best Gift for New and Expectant Parents

Posted by Mari Leckel

If you have someone in your life expecting a baby, you’re likely considering gift options to celebrate this new chapter with them. Clothes, toys, diapers, and other baby and parenting accouterments are all great ideas, but everyone else will be getting them plenty of those already. You want something special, something meaningful, something baby wont outgrow in a few weeks and that the parents can appreciate for a long time.

Sometimes, the best gift you can give new and expecting parents is a helping hand as they navigate these unexpected and new experiences.

In this day and age, though, we all tend to live pretty busy lives. There’s only so much time we can take off to come help new parents. Plus, in the case of family, we might be living in different states or across the country, making it a little harder to physically be there.

For all these reasons and many more, consider the gift of doula services!

Giving the gift of our services will make a world of difference as parents prepare not only for the birth of their baby but for welcoming them home.

Childbirth is likely one of the parts of this whole baby thing that worries parents the most. They’re not quite sure what to expect, there’s tons of information to wade through as they consider their options, and, at the end of the day, not a whole lot of the process is in their control.  A birth doula can bring some comfort to expecting parents, giving them the reassurance of not having to figure this all out on their own.

At Boston Birth Associates, our birth doulas support all births equally! From completely unmedicated to planned Cesareans, our goal is for the parents to feel empowered and positive about their birth experience. We support parents prenatally, answering questions and helping them navigate their options. We’re also there through labor and birth, continuing to help make the process a little clearer all while providing physical comfort measures, like position suggestions, counter-pressure, massage, and the famous double hip squeeze.

A way better gift than another onesie or stuffed animal from the hospital gift shop, right?


For some parents, it’s bringing the baby home and all the unknowns of newborn care that produce more anxiety.  This is where a postpartum doula can make a huge difference:

[blockquote class=”style3″]“A very close friend gifted my wife and I a 4 hour postpartum doula at our baby shower. While originally skeptical of the idea of a doula, we found that [our doula] exceeded our expectations. We were incredibly appreciative of all she did. She brought a lot of comfort and reassurance. Absolutely no intimidation, no overwhelming feeling. It was key to calming our anxieties. She was lovely! Overall, casual, calm and understanding. She spoke TO us, and not at us. Very welcomed at a time where stress is at an all time high.” – J.M.[/blockquote]

BBA postpartum doulas nurture the whole family, facilitating this important transition by helping them find the systems that work best for them.

Our postpartum doula services are custom-tailored to fit each individual family’s needs, whether that means overnight care to help everyone rest better, lactation support, nourishing meal preparation, light housework, newborn care, and LOTS of informational and emotional support.

New parents deal with a lot of well-meaning advice from friends and relatives. We know that in parenting there are no one-size-fits-all answers, so our doulas support families in THEIR choices with compassion and free of agendas.

Whether it’s the first baby or the fifth, non-judgmental support is always a wonderful gift!

Click here to contact us and see how you can help new and expectant parents in your life have better birth and postpartum experiences with the gift of BBA Doula Support!

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