Posted by bbaadmin2021

“Are You Looking for A Doula Who is The Most Down to Earth, Well Educated & Devoted Person??? Look no more Mari is for you!!!!! I met Mari at a baby expo when I was just a few months pregnant. I instantly hit it off with her and went home to my husband and said ‘I can’t have this baby without Mari’. This was all new to us as we both never heard of a Doula before. She came to our house to meet with me and my husband and I am so glad she did. The next day the paperwork was signed! It was the best decision I have ever made. She came and did an in-house education class which was truly amazing, the one on one was just what we needed. It was much more comfortable where we could really ask questions geared to my pregnancy and learn about what was in store for us ahead. Leading up to the pregnancy she was always available by phone & email whenever I had a question, concern or even just was having one of those days. She even visited a few weeks after the baby was born to check in to see how we were doing. When the date was arriving she came and visited to prep us for what was about to happen. A miracle I call it! It truly was. The day I went into the hospital Mari was there from the very beginning until we were wheeled away to postpartum. Between her coaching my husband, setting the room up with candles, spraying lavender spray & massaging my feet it was quit the experience. The new love of my life was born. I already told Mari I will be planning our next baby around her schedule!”