Cost for class $420 per couple and $600 for private class.
Classes run once a week for five consecutive weeks from 6pm – 8pm. In a time that is filled with so much joy and excitement, so many women are fearful of the pain and uncertainty that we’ve been taught to think accompanies childbirth. HypnoBirthing debunks the myths of childbirth and reminds women that their bodies were meant to birth babies and their babies were meant to be birthed. By removing the fear, we can allow our bodies to relax have our birthing muscles do what they are intended to do. HypnoBirthing allows people to have a calm, comfortable and joyful birthing experience.
During our five-week series birthing families learn about the pregnant body, how and why childbirth works, breathing techniques and methods to achieve deep relaxation. These techniques can be used for unmedicated, medicated and cesarean births. HypnoBirthing is a wonderful way for couples to connect and bond before and during the birth of their baby.
Dates for the 5-week class
Mon nights 6pm-8pm In Person Classes (Woburn Location) 
Virtual Private classes available upon request.
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